A Few Nice Words

Recommendations from Our Clients

Heidi has proven herself to be a true professional by the extra care that she took in working with Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers. From challenging highly inked and metallic paper to paste sensitive papers and digital prints; each one was trimmed to perfection, carefully colored where edges might be visible and applied with a deft hand and an artists’ eye. She impressed me with her patience in application and her ability to engineer intricate plans from blueprint and also by working closely with the designer on site. Throughout the job she adjusted her tools and perfected her technique to achieve the highest level of excellence. She has tremendous passion and a willingness to continue learning in the practice of her craft.

The organizational skill, attention to detail, and flexibility of spirit that Heidi exhibited was crucial in leading her team to the successful completion of the installation.
— A glowing Linkedin recommendation from our job at McDonald Mansion
Thank you, Heidi! As I mentioned, you and the team are artists and the installation turned out incredibly beautiful, beyond my expectations.
— A handwritten note from a kind and lovely homeowner
Having worked with Heidi several times (and as a good friend), I highly recommend Heidi for any wallcovering project. The best in the business, she comes with vast understanding of the trade and is able to meet any creative challenge given to her. She is thorough, efficient, flexible, and always warm and kind. Best results around for any hanging project...without out doubt!
— Recommendation from an old client/friend
I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job of hanging my paper.

And so much thanks for your patience with my questions and for being willing to experiment...and of course for letting me hang a piece!
— A handwritten note from a wonderful wallcovering designer/client

"Thank you so much for the AMAZING job in our house.  We LOVE the rivets so much and the room is just gorgeous....  Again thank you so much and I can’t wait to sing your praises to everyone I know. "

- Email from a very sweet, not to mention handsome, client

She did it in two short stints - removal/primer one day, wallpaper up the next. She was friendly and professional and did an incredible job. It looks much better than I had anticipated. She also rehung my Rothko print so it was centered over the stripes, and helped me move some furniture back that I was going to have a neighbor help me with.

I recommend her highly. Her assistant said she was the best in the area and I believe it.

She is booking 3 months out - very much in demand, but worth the wait.
— Email from a lovely client
Thank you for everything. Your crew is very meticulous about their work and I can see you all take pride in what you do and it shows.

It was a pleasure working with you.
— Email from a kind general contractor